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Providing Excellence

Our flagship payment automation product – PayChoice remains the foremost e-payment solution as it enables fee collection across multiple channels and combines with both bulk and individual outward payments.

Our payment engine BranchCollect is installed and running in eighteen commercial banks in Nigeria and has been used for over eight years for collection of sundry fees by private and public institutions within and outside Nigeria.

Data Protection Compliance Service

We are licensed by the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria through the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) as a Data Protection Compliance Organisation (DPCO).

We are duly licensed by NITDA for the purpose of training, auditing, consulting and rendering services aimed at ensuring compliance with this Regulation or any foreign Data Protection law or regulation having effect in Nigeria.

Data Protection regulations seek to protect rights of a data subject and ensure ways in which Government/organisations can use or process people’s data.


Our Role of DPCOs By Section 3(1)&(4) of the Regulation, a DPCO shall on behalf of the NITDA monitor compliance with the Regulation by Data Controllers so as to ensure that Data Controllers do not breach the provisions of the Regulation.


Penalty & Fine  

Organisations found not complying with the NDPR principles would be fined based on the number of personal data of Data Subjects they process. 

  • . Above 10,000 Data subjects would be fined 2% of the Annual Gross Revenue of the preceding year or payment of the sum of #10,000,000 whichever is greater. 
  • Below 10,000 Data subjects would be fined 1% of the Annual Gross Revenue of the preceding year or payment of the sum of #2,000,000 whichever is greater.”  
  • Non-filing of Annual Audit report by a Data Controller is a prima facie case of breach 

We manage and ensure the control of all your consent data, protect your brand, increase revenue and avoid costly fines for data breaches. Upperlink will assist with awareness, accountability and alignment with NDPR Principles 


  • Data Protection Awareness 
  • Annual Data Audit 
  • Privacy Policy implemetation
  • Rights of Data subject

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